Judicial Spankings

        Judicial whippings and other such corporal punishments have long been illegal while the paddle remained the enforcer of school discipline and is legal in 24 states.  Where the whip will cut the skin and cause infections the paddle only leaves memorable sting.
           Jails have become increasingly crowded, tend to make young people worse and are very expensive so we expect a counter-current to this form of punishment for minor crimes.  Especially is this the case where spanking is an act of mother love and when it finds a place in the therapy suite the criminal justice system is not far behind.

        We feel that moving such punishments to the paddle would be a service to the community where fines in dollars and jail sentences are not effective.  We note that in the day when the paddle was used in the schools there was an orderly learning environment of a kind not seen since.

        Where misbehavior may be seen as a psychiatric issue with a punishment alternative the clinic that uses paddles could well be the method of choice to obtain a more orderly society.  While a local matron may toss off a $1,000 fine for her drunk driving offense, passing it off to her rich husband, she will not forget having been bent over and paddled, with or without "the right shoes."

Paddling As An Option

           Some states may make spanking optional where a miscreant may elect to take a certain number of swats in a certain number of sessions instead of some number of days in jail.  Instead of 30 days, for example the misdemeanant may elect to take 30 hard swats in three sessions, one session per week.

        We believe judicial spanking can be especially useful in dealing with youth crimes as young people expect to be spanked.  How may such punishments be handled?

        On sentencing the miscreant may be told that he, or she, is to appear at the clinic on a certain time and date where they will take their spanking.  If they do not show up the penalty will be doubled with the "no-show" arrested on sight and taken to the place of spanking, paddled and given a second date to appear or the penalty will be doubled again to four spankings.  On a second such offense he or she will have to post bail or suffer the entire penalty in one session.
        The spankee should be high-collared for safety as bending one's neck to a sharp angle to see what is coming can produce a dangerous sprain when the paddle lands.  A spanking horse, stanchion or Canadian spanking table should be used to hold the client solidly in order that the buttocks not be moving about.

        In an interesting version of the session the hesitant miscreant may be collared with hair shavings put in the collar in the manner of a hair shirt.  The subject will be instructed to sit outside the paddling room until he, or she, decides to take the spanking as the collar will not be removed until it is done.  In our tests no client will hold out for more than 20 minutes and they are very cooperative at that point.

        In terms of style, the greatest and longest lasting stinging is produced with the fast delivery of all swats.  Where the subject will try to both scream and inhale at the same time they will choke, suffer anoxia and have a near-death experience.  This is not bad as they are meant to be punished, review bad behavior and be inclined to change the course of their lives.

        A more modern approach would require the subject experience a theraputic paddling with counseling between swats. The spanker is always of the opposite sex and well dressed. A good scenario may go like this:

        The spankee has been installed, fixed to the horse, his butt sterilized with alcohol, a ball rectum plug with pull-out cord installed and the first swat given, "WHAP!"  He may not react immediately out of surprise and a first swat is not painful for several seconds until the pain receptors respond.  Every swat after the first will be more painful than the previous one.

        After the first swat the therapist may ask, "How did you like that?" and "Are you ready for the next one?"  If the miscreant says, "No!" another is given and the therapist says, "Wrong answer. That doesn't count. Are you ready for the next one?"  No spankee will ever say "No" and the objective is to break them down completely.

        The next question may be, "Why are you here?"  If the client answers, "I got caught," he should be given a hard swat and told, "Wrong answer.  That doesn't count.  Why are you here?"  If he describes his crime in any terms she says, "Good answer.  You're learning."

        If the therapist can develop more appropriate questions the process can proceed.  She may say, "Big finish!" and give him all remaining swats in one volley.  If he has really done something bad like struck a woman she can hood him and close the bag around his head with a drawstring to restrict his air, give him all remaining swats and let him be hooded for ten minutes while he has a near-death experience.  This will profoundly improve his behavior.

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