Missed Punishment

        Among the more interesting cases with which corporal therapy has particular success are the class we can call "deferred" or "missed" punishment.  They are always products of deep repression and the poison that can generate.  Most cases arrive as referrals from other therapists who have failed, could not work with the client or be able to establish the trust needed to succeed.  

        The overriding fact of the matter is that the client has built an elaborate defense and cover for the truth and it is usually that he or she did something for which he expected punishment and resolution, but did not get.  The important point to consider is that punishment resolves issues as a matter of consequence:  The perpetrator has paid a price for breaking a rule and is thus returned to his original status.  The "debt" has been paid.

        In a home or school setting with a pre-adolescent it is usually fairly easy to sell the paddle as a teaching tool and the spanking as a "lesson."  In many fine families it is a regular lesson.

        A typical case came to us in a man we shall call "Morris" and we will illustrate it with excerpts from a diary we required him to write during our process.

        Morris came to us after 18 months with a very good therapist who could not make progress with him.  She felt he was holding back and terminated him in frustration.  She sent him to us as the one thing she felt confident of was that he was hiding something that could be elicited with our methods.

        We screened Morris and there were classic indications he was strongly repressing something.  Nonetheless, he seemed desparate for a resolution of his problem.  We decided to stiff collar him as this is effective in achieving a high level of control and discipline.  He was instructed to wear stiff collars from morning to night and we outfitted him with the Amazon Dry Goods, Waldorf model that can pass for a contemporary collar, but during treatment session we stipulated a Perry model as it is more constricting.  He seemed to enjoy the Perry collar, which was encouraging.

        We then explained that we needed to do an analysis paddling that would be severe in order to probe the depths of his psyche.  He signed the permission forms without hesitation only becoming apprehensive when put in handcuffs.  He was visibly upset as we walked him to the paddling room and installed him on spanking horse.

        The analytical paddling went very well.  He cried after the first swat, screamed on the second, urinated on third and lost control of his bowels on the seventh.  It was, in all, a spectacular performance. We let him come down on the horse for 15 minutes before redressing him, giving him a final alcohol spray for safety.  He cried profusely and was in precisely the emotional state we wanted when we sat him on the couch.

        Alone with his female therapist he confessed that he had been caught in his mother's clothing as a child of 12.  He expected to be spanked for his infraction, but instead his mother over-reacted and fell into despair.  She instructed him that they should keep this a secret from his father lest he think Morris was "queer" thus giving  him an insincere adolescense essentially without a father.  All the while his forbidden and unresolved curiosity about women't clothing continued to grow while racking him with waves of guilt.

        We decided on a series of ten one-hour sessions with a female therapist to build confidence, better define our diagnosis and train Morris to take a good spanking in stride as it would enhance his sexual performance.  She met with him once a week and during this time he typically reported how much better he felt after the sessions.  "Every day the sky seems bluer and sun brighter afterwards," he said several times.  

        When asked how he approached the days of his appointments, where he would get another hard swat spanking, not exceptionally he said that he had come to accept it as an act of love done on his behalf.  We note that all theraputic paddlings are done after the admonition, "Remember we love you." At this point we decided it was time for the big breakthrough.

        We had concluded that Morris needed to free himself totally of his curiosity over women's clothing.  This could be done only by dressing him completely and entirely as a woman and making the experience complete to where he would feel satisfied, but then treat him so he would not repeat it, i.e. aversion therapy..

        We took all his sizes and assembled a female costume for him, had him come on a weekday morning at 8 AM, prepared him completely for female attire by shaving off all of his body hair, dressing him in a corset to give him a female shape, nylons, high heels, short skirt, blouse with a stiff, high collar and broach instead of necktie, full makeup, but excluding nail polish.

        We taught him how to walk in a private garden that included a small untility house we had converted to a paddling emporium complete with horse.  After several hours of walking and talking he expressed that his feet were hurting and he found makeup and a wig hot and uncomfortable, to say nothing of the tightly lashed corset.  He was ready for the final phase.

        We took him to the paddling room and he was almost relieved to see the end was in sight even though the final exercise would be severe.  After securely fixing him to the horse we gave him 20 hard swats separated with admonitions like, "You are not to wear mother's clothes!" and "You must never do this again," but preceeded with "Remember, mother loves you."

        He had to be lifted from the spanking stanchion as he was out of control from mouth to anus having both urinated and defected as if he had died.  We removed all his clothing, put him in a shower for 20 minutes and had an hour session to bring him down.

        Morris was totally cured of all symptoms, but he does return on occasion for a spanking apparently to refresh or celebrate his liberation from the poison of repression in which he had been existing for many years.       

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